some of his works

The Prophet

The Madman

The Madman


How I Became A Madman

The Scarecrow

The Two Hermits



The Pomegranate

The Grave-Digger

The Good God & The Evil God


The Astronomer

The Eye

And When My Joy Was Born


The Sleep-Walkers

On Giving And Taking

The Fox

The New Pleasure

The Two Cages

On The Steps of The Temple


The Greater Sea

The Great Longing

The Two Learned Men

"The Perfect World"

My Friend

The Wise Dog

The Seven Selves

The Wise King

The Other Language

The Three Ants

The Blessed City

Night And The Madman


Said A Blade of Grass

When My Sorrow Was Born




Gibran Album



Gibran Khalil Gibran

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The Madman