The Abundance Mentality


By Dr. Edmond Melhem

Sa´adeh believed in the advantages of fostering an abundance mentality. A good way to understand this mentality is to think of its opposite: a small-minded and restricted outlook, where the focus of an individual is very much on self-interest and short-term gain; an individual who wants to get the biggest slice of the pie. Whereas an individual with a mindset of abundance wants to make the pie bigger so that everyone can have enough for their needs.

Put simply, an individual with a mindset of abundance wants his or her fellow citizens to have success, good fortune and prosperity. Sa´adeh’s approach to ‘pie management’ is reflected in his thinking and actions. He fostered an abundance mentality and a culture of cooperation and productivity for the sake of the whole nation. He was genuinely interested in the welfare of his society and he wanted his people to enjoy abundance, success and prosperity. His reformative plan postulates all citizens as equals in their duties and as responsible members of society. He takes the view that all citizens must participate and be engaged in production. He takes the view that all citizens in society should be productive and says: “Every citizen should be productive in one way or another. For production constitutes the crucial foundation for the national economy and without which we absolutely cannot think of the welfare of the people.” By the same token, Sa´adeh asserts that all citizens in society should be skilled and productive in order to achieve impressive economic miracles and provide physical well being for the whole nation:

All [citizens] must become productive and must work for a national economic, agricultural and industrialized renaissance that would overflow sufficient prosperity for this nation .

He adds:

The aim of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is the achievement of a sound national unity that enables the Syrian nation to excel in the struggle for existence. This unity cannot be realized if either the economic or social order is not sufficiently wholesome. Justice in the judicial, social and economic spheres is an essential condition for the triumph of the Syrian Social Nationalist Movement.